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Make your life easier with Trooper!

WordPress and Shopify Updates and Maintenance

Trooper works directly with Agency partners and Small Business Owners to provide
Updates and Maintenance on WordPress and Shopify sites and storefronts

Monthly Maintenance

Once, twice, or four times a month, we'll perform daily backups, keep your plug-ins and services up to date, and check your forms and links to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Website Updates

We take on the tasks of getting important information updated on your website; like new products to your store, removing past employees, and adding fresh content.

Personal Service

We're here to help! You can consider us an extension of your team. Our Client Agents will make sure that your tasks are clear and carried out with precision and a smile.

Supported Platforms

A personalized Client Agent will help you get your website updates completed quickly, securely, and accurately — all at a great price.

How it Works

Website updates and maintenance is at the bottom of everybody’s list of things to get done. Isn’t it time that someone make the process easy and reliable so your business can focus on growth and scalability?

You tell us what needs to get done

You determine what changes need to happen to your site and when you need them by. You can use our website to submit the task, or have a chat with one of our Client Agents who will work through your list with you.

There’s no complicated process, no unnecessary work, and no confusing jargon.

Your client agent will help you break it down into tasks

Our Client Agents will work with you to reduce the friction of the task input process and clarify all of the information necessary to effectively complete the task.

They’ll also stick with that task to make sure it’s carried out to your specifications.

We do the work quickly and securely

Our network of skilled developers get the job done efficiently and the work is checked and re-checked for quality and accuracy.

We’ll report everything back to you and won’t rest until the work is done to your satisfaction.

But wait, there's more....

We’ll check your website and plug-ins for updates, test your forms, check your links, and generally ensure that everything is working as expected. If we find any issues, we’ll report them along with our recommendations to solve them.

Trooper has your back.