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Keep your expensive talent focused on your priority projects and let our skilled team of WordPress specialists take care of all of your basic maintenance and updates.

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Expertise and Experience

WordPress expertise that compliments your agency’s skill set
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Dedicated Client Agents

Personalized contact for efficient communication and tailored service
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Save Valuable Time

Free your team’s time to focus on larger, revenue-generating projects
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Scalable Website Management

As your clients base grows, Trooper can easily support all of your needs

Quality Assurance Promise

All tasks are thoroughly tested for quality and performance
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Comprehensive Oversight

Monitor a wide range of site issues, like uptime, performance, and security
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Leave the technical work of your website to us so you can focus on your customers. Need something done? Just reach out and we’ll take care of it quickly and efficiently.

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Proactive Plug-in Updates

Updates to prevent issues, stop hacks, and maximize performance
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Personal Client Agents

You can talk to a real human, or not. 
Your choice! You ask, we task.

Updates and Enhancements

Easily update content, add new features, add products, and more
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Cost Efficiency

Trooper offers a budget-friendly solution without compromising quality
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Quality Assurance Promise

All tasks are thoroughly tested for quality and performance
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Focus on Your Business Goals

With your website taken care of, you can prioritize growing your business
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Trooper works with Agencies and Small Businesses to proactively handle the Maintenance and Updates for WordPress websites and WooCommerce storefronts.

You ask, we task. Trooper has your back.

Why Trooper?

For less than a Starbucks a day, you can forget about your website maintenance.
No more vulnerable plugins, down websites, or out of date content. We’ve got your back.

23 Plugins Need Updating

Keep up with plugin updates, WordPress updates, and theme updates

Plugin Vulnerability Found

Identify and secure vulnerabilities before hackers exploit or take down your site
Your client’s website are under constant attack from bad actors around the globe. Trooper will keep their websites safe and monitored for uptime and security.
attacks per minute
80 K
There are over 90,000 attacks on WordPress sites every minute.
Whether bots are brute force attacking your login, or hackers are attempting to exploit a vulnerable plugin, there is a relentless barrage of bad guys trying to break into your website.

A well maintained website is a secure website.

of websites are vulnerable
32 %
42% of WordPress sites have one vulnerable plugin at any time.
This is a significant proportion, indicating that nearly half of the WordPress sites could potentially be at risk due to vulnerabilities in their plugins.

It’s important to regularly update plugins and themes to reduce the risk of security breaches.

vulnerabilities from plugins
88 %
Approximately 98% of WordPress vulnerabilities come from plugins.

The overwhelming majority of exploits on WordPress websites come from plugins.

This high percentage highlights the critical importance of keeping plugins updated and being selective about the plugins used on a WordPress site to maintain security.
Trooper works directly with digital agency partners and small businesses to provide maintenance updates and site enhancements on WordPress websites and storefronts.

Are you an Agency or managing multiple websites?

Howdy! I’m Simon Erich, founder and CEO of Trooper and 30 year creative and digital agency veteran.
I’ve spent decades working to solve the unique challenges that agencies face, and Trooper is the next evolution of that focus. I wanted to create a company that aligns with my passion for connecting agencies and people together to achieve better work and retain happier clients. As with all great relationships, let’s start with a conversation so we can help solve the challenges you face every day. I’m looking forward to speaking with you!

-Simon Erich
Founder / CEO-

Simon Erich
Founder / CEO.